From Software to Solar – my professional journey and why I shifted into renewable energy

It was a tremendous honor to be recognized as part of the HBS Club’s Legend series. I was invited to share my professional journey and pass along the big lessons I had learned along the way. I took the opportunity to include the reasons I left the software industry to jump in head first to renewable energy.

The first part of the presentation covered my professional journey including a few months to step back and finish a book I had started writing for my boys (we later published it).

Slide - Mountain Book

Then, I shared five graphs on why I left software for the clean energy industry including these two.

Slide - 1 billion people

Slide - clean enery costs

Finally, I wrapped up the presentation with a few of the things I’ve learned that I try to put in practice with everything I do. As an example, I mentioned my focus on always identifying my top three priorities.

Slide - Focus

The entire presentation is below.

You can download a PDF version of the presentation by click here: HBS Club – from Software to Solar.

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