Content Marketing is the Fuel That Accelerates Buying

Content marketing creates ideas and perspectives that educate customers and helps elevate technology and services into offerings that directly make the buyers’ companies more successful. It is a lens that shifts the perspective from features and price towards the success of the buyer’s company.

Content should be provocative, overflowing with expertise and thoughtfully written for the specific types of buyers you want to engage. Everyone agrees that 60-70% of the buying decision occurs before a sales rep is ever contacted. The main way buyers spend that 60-70% of their time is reviewing content from dozens of vendors. Only the very best, most educational and specific content will result in the buyer reaching out to the company’s sales reps.

As a simple test, if you can take your content, put the name of another vendor on it, and cannot tell the difference, it’s a good bet you will not be one of the companies contacted by the buyer for the remaining 30-40% of their buying decision.

This is the future of buying.

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