The Nussey Principles for a Life Well Lived

A few years ago, I stepped back to take a look at my bucket list. I asked myself whether there was anything that I would genuinely regret not doing. One item jumped to the top of that list – finishing a book I’d been writing for my boys, Alex and Ben.

Back when Alex was born, I got the idea that it would be fun to sum up my stories and lessons and share them with my children when they were older. I began writing down ideas, clipping articles and interviewing some of the wiser people I met. When I left IBM this summer, I set aside a month to finish up this book. Four weeks turned into four months. But after hundreds of hours of work, I’m proud to say the first edition of the book is complete. I have printed two hard copies – one for Alex and one for Ben – and gave it to them last week.

The book covers 38 principles laid out in sections ranging from making a difference with your life to dealing with tough times. Some examples:

  • Principle #1: Make the World a Better Place
  • Principle #15: Build Things Worthy of Being Built
  • Principle #23: Always Have a Backup Plan
  • Principle #35: Never Let Others Define You

I began this project as a gift for my boys but it became something larger. It became an opportunity for me to think about my own life through the lens of the principles. I was able to clarify my own values and to more deeply forge the missions that set the direction of my life.

I’m indebted to a handful of friends who took the time to read the drafts, share stories and provide critical feedback. Based on some of their comments, and after my boys have had a chance to read it, I’m going to put this in front of a few publishers next year to see if it might have value beyond the Nussey’s.

Over the next year, I’ll post a few excerpts from this book on my blog. In the meantime, I’m 100% focused on Project #2 – writing a book on the rise of renewable, distributed energy generation.


3 thoughts on “The Nussey Principles for a Life Well Lived

  1. Bill – love the premise of the book and the first principles you shared above. I would read and look forward to the nuggets you share in your blog in advance of your book appearing on the bestsellers list. :)JG

  2. Mr. Bill Nussey,
    I`m very much interested in the book you wrote for Alex and Ben, and always eager to have a look of the stories. I searched biggest libraries in The People`s Republic of China and Amazon for several times since I read this article months ago, but no result could be found as of now.
    Could you please let me know when you have the time to post some excerpts from the book?
    Thank you and all the best!

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