Forget Everything You Know About Marketing

Presented to the IEI group on October 14, 2010

From the event description:

Over the last five years, consumers and business have fundamentally shifted the way they make purchase decisions. Ironically, very few marketing departments are addressing the changes and many remain largely unaware that anything has changed at all.

The changes run deeper than the emergence of social networking and the Web 2.0 world. Brands are more important than ever but marketers have less direct influence over how they are created. Pricing, features and references are now completely transparent – the information is categorized, organized and presented across thousands of web sites.  In the B2C world, even the most basic product purchases are now researched and considered. In the B2B world, the role of the sales team is changing rapidly as buyers’ decision processes move outside the traditional sales funnel.

Nussey’s presentation will cover the underlying trends that are reshaping marketing and also provide specific ideas on how executives and marketers can capitalize on the new world of marketing.

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