The Future of Sales – So You Think You’re Still Steering the Car?

The digital world has transformed virtually every aspect of modern business… except for sales. While we have new tools and processes, the basic idea driving what sales reps do day to day is largely unchanged. But there is a buyer revolution underway. According to the Corporate Executive Board research, the normal buyer will be almost 60% through their buying cycle before they have any contact with a sale rep.

How can sales embrace these changes and prepare their reps for the future of sales?

I put this presentation together for a recent gathering of top sales execs here in Atlanta. Let me know what you think.

Download the Future of Sales in PDF form (if this doesn’t work, right click and select Save As…)

(view the slideshare version)

2 thoughts on “The Future of Sales – So You Think You’re Still Steering the Car?

  1. Very good points. The way I describe some of these changes would be the best salespeople facilitate the buying process and together with the prospect they co-create the solution, as well as the investment and decision making process.

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