Brainstorming Part 3 – Rev Up the Creativity Engines

In this post, I’m going to dabble a little bit in amateur psychology and physiology. While your team never wants you to realize it, they are actually just human beings (as opposed to being super-heroes). If you take this fact into account, you can make a good brainstorming session into a great one. Encourage your team to stand up… Continue reading Brainstorming Part 3 – Rev Up the Creativity Engines

Brainstorming Part 2 – Organizing Creativity

I’m a big believer that brainstorming sessions should to be free flowing and somewhat unstructured. Fortunately, there are a few ways to organize a session that can add some structure but will actually allow it to become even more more free-flowing and creative. Consider a few of these ideas: Go somewhere new – force people out of their… Continue reading Brainstorming Part 2 – Organizing Creativity

Brainstorming Part 1b – The Rules of Engagement

The five rules I laid out for my recent brainstorming session… From TED conferences to strategy planning, the best conversations and the biggest ideas are often born outside the meeting rooms. Random, unscripted discussions allow people to connect the dots in totally new ways. Wherever possible, I try to schedule in long breaks and relaxed meals. The original rule… Continue reading Brainstorming Part 1b – The Rules of Engagement

Building World Class Teams

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed. It is the only thing that ever has.” –Margaret Mead Building a world class team requires hiring and retaining Very Talented People (VTP’s). I recently gave a presentation that talked about finding, recruiting and retaining these elite performers on your team.… Continue reading Building World Class Teams

The Future of Marketing Automation

“The Future of Marketing Automation hides the technology so marketers can embrace their true craft, story telling”

In November 2014, I was invited to keynote the Industry Leadership Summit, a marketer-focused event held here in Atlanta. Lisa Calhoun, the producer of the event, inspired me to go beyond the typical technology and best practices covered in similar presentations and to define the future in terms of its impact on marketers and their customers. I was really excited to deliver the presentation and really appreciated the great questions and feedback.

This is one of my favorite presentations. Feel free to download a PDF copy or view it on slideshare

And thanks to Lisa and Write2Market, click below to see a video my presentation.